Attention should be paid to the application of stainless steel in architectural decoration

- Mar 26, 2020-

1. When a large area of stainless steel plate is used (including composite stainless steel plate), the material used by baowang must be the same batch.


2. In many architectural applications, such as the elevator interior, although the handprints left on the stainless steel can be erased, they are not very beautiful, if the cloth surface is used, it is not so obvious.Mirror stainless steel must not be used in these sensitive areas.

 3D sheet application 1

3. The selection of surface processing should take into account the production process, for example, in order to remove the weld bead, it may be necessary to repair the weld, but also to restore the original surface processing.It is difficult or even impossible to meet this requirement.


4. For some surface processing, repair or polishing lines are directional, known as one-way.If the lines are made vertical rather than horizontal during use, dirt will not adhere to them and will be easy to clean.


5. External application should take into account that the stainless steel can be washed by rain and manual cleaning surface, to avoid easy accumulation of dirt and impurities in the air of the dead corner, so as not to cause corrosion and beautiful.

KTV stainless steel sheet application 4