Create texture and light luxury, and apply metal materials to interior decoration!

- Aug 20, 2020-

Metal with what material does not have other properties, while reflect texture, metal decoration can also reflect the extraordinary taste and style, the metal materials used in interior decoration, to enhance the quality of the entire space, especially after the collocation of the light, clean, give a person a kind of enlightened feeling, all show the atmosphere, more can highlight the texture and light sense of luxury.

Metal line

Line has been the indispensable important elements in the design of decoration, joined the metal line decoration space can present a completely different visual effects, both embedded and outer convex type metal decorative lines, can play the balance of line in space, vertical high lateral broadly far, let a variety of metal lines are intertwined in the space, together, in the space of thin show the visual effect of more diverse, let a space more rich.

stainless steel trim application 3

Suspended ceiling decoration

Metal decoration on the ceiling can directly and effectively render the atmosphere of the whole space. The metal material itself is easy to be processed with strong plasticity, diverse forms and rich colors, which can bring luxury and delicate space feeling.Of course, if the ceiling decoration is relatively simple, you can also choose to add a ring of metal decoration around the ceiling, the use of metal ceiling edge wrapped up, smooth lines, can let the space look more atmospheric more layered feeling.

As convergent

Metal is a very good edge closing material, such as metope do hard package, wood decoration, marble and other hard materials will use metal decorative strip, these walls are basically cut into several pieces after the splicing up, splicing time will inevitably have gaps, at this time you need to close.Using metal strips for edging not only adds a layer of protection to the original material, but also makes the decorative layers more vivid.

Border decoration

Metal frame can present a have qualitative feeling more decorative effect, use a metal materials to decorate the doorcase, window frame, can not only effectively protect the walls, doors or glass also let people more secure, agile line feeling at the same time also has the very high ornamental, can continue space overall luxuriant feeling, elegant and not costly, but give a person the sense of senior exquisite fashion, build a full of dignified and elegant charm.

stainless steel partition 1-7

Metal accessories

Metals have very strong adornment effect, make it delicate and prosperous metal decorations, may, have the strength, hardness and toughness, luster, the natural modelling into metal steel yi, show the aesthetic feeling of a kind of static, cool appearance shows a kind of vitality and vigor, metal unique flexibility and luster, make them under the irradiation of light, folding reveal flowery colour, let a person into space imagination.