Defect repair

- May 30, 2019-

In the production process, aluminum alloys are prone to casting defects such as shrinkage cavities, blisters, pores and slag inclusions. How to repair defects such as blowholes in aluminum alloy castings? If it is repaired by equipment such as electric welding or argon welding, it is easy to cause side effects such as thermal deformation due to large heat release, and it cannot meet the requirements of repair welding.

The cold welding repairing machine utilizes the principle of high-frequency electric spark instantaneous discharge and no heat surfacing to repair casting defects. Since the cold welding heat influence area is small, the substrate is not annealed and deformed, and no crack, no hard spots, and hardening phenomenon are generated. Moreover, the welding strength is high, and the re-solidification of the replenishing material and the substrate at the same time is melted, and the combination is firm, and grinding, milling, boring and the like can be performed, and the compaction does not fall off. Cold welding repair machine is an ideal method to repair small defects such as aluminum alloy pores and sand holes.