Five common color stainless steel processes

- Oct 27, 2019-

Color stainless steel is to undertake coloring processing in stainless steel surface, make its become colour flowery adornment material.Color stainless steel has the luster of metal, strength, never fade and other characteristics.

Color stainless steel not only maintains the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the original stainless steel, but also has better corrosion resistance than the original stainless steel.Color stainless steel decoration can be comparable to the appearance of gold, is widely used in large hotels, high-end KTV, senior clubs and so on.The following five common color stainless steel process:

stainless steel color sheet 2

1. Water Chemical plating: it does not rely on the external power supply in the aqueous solution, but carries on the chemical reduction reaction by the reducing agent in the plating solution, so that the metal is continuously reduced on the catalytic surface and forms the metal coating;

2. Electroplating: mainly vacuum ion plating.Vacuum ion plating is in the vacuum condition, through distillation or sputtering on the plastic surface deposition of a variety of metal and non-metallic films to get a very thin surface coating.

3. Etching: metal etching, also known as chemical metal etching, refers to the removal of the protective film in the area of metal etching through exposure plate making and development, and contact with the chemical solution during metal etching to achieve the effect of dissolution and corrosion, forming a concave and convex or hollow-out forming effect.

4. Embossing: stainless steel embossing is through mechanical equipment in stainless steel plate embossing processing, is the plate surface concave and convex pattern, also known as stainless steel decorative plate.This embossing plate has a strong and bright appearance, higher surface hardness, more wear-resistant, easy to clean, maintenance free, resistance, compression, scratch and no fingerprints.

5. Sand blasting: the color sand blasting is the processing of the stainless steel plate with gao bead through mechanical equipment, so that the plate presents a fine grainy sand surface and forms a unique decorative effect.Then electroplate and stain.

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