How to color stainless steel screen

- Feb 27, 2020-

Currently, the popular stainless steel screen colors on the market are rose gold, black titanium, champagne gold, red bronze, green bronze, yellow main copper, silver white, beige, etc., so what are the characteristics of each of these colors?

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From a process perspective, electroplating colors can be divided into three categories: one is vacuum plating, the other is electroplating water plating, and the third is high-temperature powder coating. The following are the characteristics and processing techniques of these three processes.

The first is high temperature powder spraying. High temperature dusting is spraying a layer of colored chemical powder on the surface of the stainless steel screen, such as black, orange, white and other colors. This process uses solvent spraying, so its surface is very smooth and has a certain reflective effect. At the same time, the dusting layer is also thick, and it is not easy to fade at daily temperature. Stainless steel screens such as offices often use this process, and the sprayed colors are pure.

The second is vacuum plating. Vacuum plating is a layer of ion-exchange membrane on the surface of stainless steel screen. The advantages of this vacuum plating coating are that the surface is covered with ions, that is, the force between particles, has strong adsorption ability, and the finished plating is not easy to fade. Relevant data prove that it can maintain ten years as a day, and can be used for up to 20 years without fading.

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This process generally uses three colors: rose gold, black titanium and champagne gold. Generally, the rose gold stainless steel screen is processed by the screen, and the surface is plated with rose gold. The effect of the rose gold screen is very dazzling. It is most commonly used in clubs and KTV. Its style is changeable, giving a retro or modern, luxurious or minimalist feel.

The third is water-plated bronze. Water-plated bronze is covered with a layer of copper ions on the surface of its stainless steel screen, which promotes the formation of copper color. This copper plating looks the same as real copper in appearance, but greatly saves costs and improves cost performance. The disadvantage is that this copper plating is electrochemical reflective, and the surface color contains chemical solvents, so there is some chemical pollution. This process is mostly used to provide bronze, red bronze and yellow bronze.

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Another silver white is the primary color of stainless steel, which has its own characteristics: silver reflection. It can show different colors (light effects) in different light. This is why many customers choose materials such as stainless steel.

Different shapes of stainless steel screens give people different feelings. Even if they are the same shape screen, the visual effects brought by different colors are different.