How to color stainless steel tube

- Feb 26, 2020-

There are many different colors on the stainless steel tube. but How to color stainless steel tube? here are some methods for your reference.


Stainless steel tube has the following five coloring methods:

(1) Electrochemical coloring method

It is the color of a film formed by electrochemical oxidation in a specific solution.

(2) high temperature oxidation coloring method

In a specific molten salt, the immersed stainless steel profiled tube is maintained at a certain process parameter, so that the workpiece forms an oxide film with a certain thickness and exhibits various colors.

(3) chemical oxidation coloring method

In a specific solution, the color of the film formed by chemical oxidation includes a dichromate method, a mixed sodium salt method, a sulfurization method, an acid oxidation method, and an alkaline oxidation method. Generally, the "Ink method" is used more, but if you want to ensure the uniform color of a batch of products, you must use a reference electrode to control it.

D) gas phase cracking coloring method

The coloring method of this stainless steel special-shaped pipe is more complicated, and it is rarely used in industry.

(5) Chemical method of ion deposition oxide coloring

That is, the stainless steel special-shaped tube is placed in a vacuum coating machine for vacuum evaporation plating. For example: titanium-plated watch cases and watch straps are generally golden yellow. This method is suitable for high-volume product processing. Because of the large investment and high cost, small batch products are not cost-effective.