How to design stainless steel screen

- Jul 07, 2020-

How should the stainless steel screen be designed? Three essentials let you choose easily.

To design a stainless steel screen suitable for the environment, there are many factors for designers to consider: decoration place, overall style, environmental space, material color, etc., all of which bring difficulties in choosing stainless steel screens.

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Element 1 of design stainless steel screen: functionality

The most basic function of the stainless steel screen is to separate the space, creating a "separate and continuous" space effect, which makes the functional division of the decorated room more obvious, and it will not be too cluttered. Let's take home life as some examples: placing stainless steel screens in a bedroom with a small area allows people living there to not interfere with each other and each has a relatively private atmosphere. In the large-area hall, the screen cabinet is used as a partition to distinguish the living room from the dining room, which not only achieves the purpose of functional partition, but also maintains a connection between the two. In addition, if a stainless steel screen is placed at the entrance of the living room, it can not only block the outside view, but also serve as a porch. From this point of view, stainless steel screens have a variety of powerful functions. As long as they are well used, we can give different experience to the indoor space.

Design stainless steel screen elements two: unified style

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In addition to considering its basic functionality, the design of modern stainless steel screens should also consider its unity with the surrounding environment and decoration. We design the shape and scale of the stainless steel screen in a specific environment, and we need to pay attention to the relationship between the transparency and the reality of the screen. Modern stainless steel screens are flexible in form and can be used to decorate a classic home environment or a stylish KTV lobby. As long as they are properly used, they can play a big role in the decoration. Our commonly used stainless steel screen decoration styles include Chinese classic, European luxury, modern simplicity, antique elegance, etc. These characteristics can be echoed with the overall space style. The beauty of the stainless steel screen is that it combines modern and classical culture, which can properly separate the functional areas, not only beautify the decoration environment, but also improve the overall taste.

Design stainless steel screen elements three: placement

The placement of stainless steel screens is very important, not only from the perspective of decorative design needs, excellent design should pay more attention to the tradition that has been handed down from our country earlier-Feng Shui. From the perspective of Feng Shui, if the placement of stainless steel screens is reasonable, you can adjust the aura of the house to block the breath. Let's take an example. Someone's room door directly faces the balcony. In fact, this is very bad. It will cause the qi of the house to be directly sucked away by the outside door. The qi here includes wealth and luck. At this time, we can use stainless steel screens to solve it-installing a stainless steel screen between the gate and the balcony can block the outflow of air in the home and resolve the previous situation. Feng Shui has a certain scientific nature. From a medical point of view, the screen slows down the speed of air flow, making the entering air flow more in line with the speed of the body's blood and blood, which makes the living more comfortable. It will benefit human health. Therefore, in the design of stainless steel screens, the feng shui problem of placement is also worthy of the designer's research.

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