How to install the stainless steel panel?

- Oct 07, 2020-

Stainless steel decorative plate not only has the luster and strength of metal, but also has a constant color.Chemical and physical properties are very good, it is widely used in the decoration industry.When choosing such a decorative board, everyone needs to know how to install it correctly.

What is the installation method of stainless steel decorative plate?

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1. Installation of keel skeleton: the installation of the foundation keel skeleton, the installation can refer to the wood keel or light steel keel construction process, remember to repeatedly check perpendicularity and flatness

2. Fixed bottom plate: 

The bottom plate is usually 5-12mm thick plywood.The construction method and requirements are the same as those of ordinary wooden covers.However, if the keel is a light steel keel or Angle steel keel, first drill a hole in the keel using an electric drill.Fix the bottom plate to the keel with self-tapping screws.Please note that the screw head must not be higher than the base plate surface.

3. Fixed panel: 

Please complete the finished shape according to the design size and requirements before installation.When there is a bottom plate, apply universal glue on the back of the bottom plate and stainless steel, and then gently paste the prepared stainless steel plate on the bottom plate;When there is no bottom plate, the stainless steel plate after pretreatment will be fixed on the light steel keel, and use stainless steel screws or directly welded to the keel;

4. Edge sealing: Edge sealing treatment, the sealant is filled in a corner or corner of the stainless steel, the positive corner, with pressure and other methods to close the edge and decorative treatment.Wipe the surface of the stainless steel decorative plate with a soft, dry cloth and remove the protective film.

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