Installation steps and precautions of stair handrails

- Aug 13, 2020-

Handrails now need to be installed in many public places to ensure safety. Whether it is at home or outside stairs, various stair handrails are now installed.

Installation steps of stair handrails:  

1, fixed column  

The column is the foundation of the installation. You need to erect one on both the upper and lower columns, and then draw a straight line on top of the two columns, and place the middle column on the step. At this time, the column should be kept at the same height as the line. Then use a black marker to mark the position where the column needs to be drilled for subsequent drilling and fixing.

handrail 7

2. Drilling 

If the stairs have already been paved with floor tiles, such as marble floors, then we need to punch holes for the fixed columns. Before punching, you can use plasticine to form a punch

Circle, so that the drilling is more precise, plus a little water, the drilling efficiency is higher. On the drilling tool, you can use a 12mm percussion drill bit, if the ground is covered with wooden floors, you can directly fix it with screws.

3. Wear wire drawing 

Wearing wire drawing is also an important step in installing stair handrails. Generally speaking, it is fitted with a thin water pipe to be inserted into the wire drawing and needs to be bent at a certain angle. The wire drawing with a general specification of about 12mm needs to be assisted by a gripper. During construction, determine the drawing position, and then fix it on the column after holding it.


4. Fixed armrest  

Fixing the armrest will directly affect the subsequent use, so the whole process must be carefully. First of all, to measure the specific position of the bending, use a hot bending blanket to heat the armrest part that needs to be bent for 15-20 minutes, and then bend to the target value after it becomes soft. When the bending angle reaches the required standard, immediately change the cold towel and apply cold compresses to quickly set the shape. If there are obvious scratches on the surface of the handrail due to construction problems, you can use a heating blanket to eliminate it.  

5. Assembly operations. Block the head of the armrest and install the drawing wire; then fix the top wire that needs to be tightened tightly.