knowledge of stainless steel products

- Apr 20, 2020-

Stainless steel products are sturdy and durable, which is a good helper in life, but its safety is related to people's health. In many news, many stainless steel products have exposed some safety hazards, such as bad materials or improper use. Rusting phenomenon, some stainless steel products used in tableware have metal content exceeding the standard, etc. For the safety of our friends, I will share with you some of the maintenance experience of stainless steel.

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1. The reason why stainless steel products will rust:

1). Factors of steel type: that is, the internal alloy composition of stainless steel, in fact, stainless steel is an alloy. However, the size of the surface roughness. Decided whether it is easy to rust. Because the smaller the surface roughness is, the larger the surface roughness is. From a microscopic perspective, the area in contact with air is smaller, so it is not easy to be oxidized.

2). Processing factors: stainless steel does not rust. This is because the combination of oxygen generates a passivation film (ie, oxide film) on the surface. The formation of the passivation film during processing, such as the small extension of the leveler and the small amount of grinding of the grinding machine, etc. All can cause the formation of oxide film, of course, including the bright annealing furnace annealing under the protection of full hydrogen can form a layer of passivation film. Of course, there are many reasons for the rust of stainless steel during processing and production of stainless steel, such as the excessive content of thiorazine element in the grinding oil and so on.

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