KTV essential decorative element-stainless steel screen

- May 15, 2020-

When we selected the KTV stainless steel screen in the club, the first choice was the style, mainly European style, Chinese style, classic and modern style.

KTV stainless steel sheet application 4

The Chinese-style stainless steel screen is formed by welding stainless steel tubes to form a Chinese-style, fair and square shape. It looks simple, transparent and has a three-dimensional sense. It is suitable for lobby or windows.

The European-style screens are mainly characterized by the softness of the outstanding lines, and the patterns composed mainly of curves. The flat visual effect is very good, which is suitable for indoor partition decoration.

metal wall decoration for KTV

Classical and modern styles are mainly reflected in the selection of the texture and color of the exterior, for example: red bronze and green bronze all reflect the classic flavor.

The outer shell of the screen frame and the inner core foamed plastic can be covered with a connecting lining, and the connecting lining is cavity-shaped, grid-shaped or honeycomb-shaped. The utility model has a luxurious and beautiful appearance decoration, and can also be used as a frame for structural support effect; the frame and the glass are embedded in a polymer plastic insert, which is strong in sealing and safe and firm: the stability will be better: It is simple to assemble and easy to disassemble; light weight, high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation and good sealing; it can resist wind pressure, impact resistance and shock absorption.