KTV five decoration tips

- Nov 19, 2020-

Nowadays, many friends who like to sing like to sing with their friends to practice their voices.Walking in the street, KTV can be seen everywhere.So as a KTV business, how to attract friends like singing into the shop consumption?How to decorate still can assure consumer to repeat consumption?I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce decoration to you by KBE Decoration Co, LTD.

metal wall decoration for KTV

The first, KTV decoration, sound insulation effect is very key.Is to think, if and friends in the private room singing is in good spirits, but heard the sound of singing next door, must suddenly decline in interest, this kind of KTV also want to second?So when decorating, we should deal with sound insulation.Theoretically, the higher the hardness of the material, the better the sound insulation effect.The most common decoration method is light steel keel plasterboard partition wall, although the middle put sound-absorbing cotton but because the quality is not enough, sound insulation effect is very poor.At present, some KTV adopt this method of decoration, the sound insulation effect is very poor, it is suggested that people who are going to decorate karaoke entertainment places must consider the sound insulation of the room before decoration.The newest a few methods should be able to solve these problems now, can use sound insulation board, this is a kind of more professional sound insulation material, sound insulation effect is very good, thickness is bigger the effect is better, still can be handled with red brick wall additionally, of course, this kind of method also needs to consider bearing problem.If you have to do it the old fashioned way, you can do it with a layer of cement, which is much harder and provides far better sound insulation than plasterboard.

Second, sound insulation effect is good, monitoring is the key.The soundproof effect inspection method is to normally broadcast music in a room and measure the attenuation degree of sound at one meter of the doorway. For example, the sound pressure level in the room is 90dB, while the sound pressure level measured at one meter outside the room is 60dB, indicating the soundproof level is 30dB.

KTV stainless steel sheet application 3

Third, the processing of the door of the recording studio is professional, sound insulation effect is very good, but the cost is very high, usually the price of a sound insulation door is less than 4 ~ 5 thousand yuan, more than ten thousand yuan.At present, more practical is the use of a molded door, the door edge encryption sealing method, with the door closure device sound insulation effect is still good.

The 4th, when decorating, condole supports should as far as possible taller, the space of the room (cubic meter) is bigger, sound diffuses better.The acoustical problem of sound field environment can be solved by the change of decoration structure and the combination of different materials

Fifth, original design, improve the visual impact of consumers.Like other design, KTV design pays attention to original design, such ability can stimulate the visual stimulation, a model, a rich aesthetic design, the arrangement of a ceramic tile can be different, can feel the fresh stimulus to consumers, so the original design is an important factor in a space full of fresh feeling, and adhere to the original design is an important bellwether measure a KTV designer level.

metal decorative ceiling for KTV