Manufacturing process of stainless steel screen and metal partition

- Dec 25, 2019-

The manufacturing process of stainless steel screens affects its molding and decorative effect, and also affects its price.belows are the details for your reference. 

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  1. There are two types of welding and forming processes for stainless steel screens.

    A. Spot welding. There are seams, directly welded and fixed by means of dots. This processing technology usually uses this form of processing at a relatively long distance. If the polishing difficulty is too large, the polishing tool cannot be deeply polished. As a result, the human eye can directly see the welding point or use the spot welding process.

    B. Full welding. Also called seamless welding. After grinding and polishing, no gap can be seen in the welding place. Suitable for applications in close proximity.

  2. Divided by [processing technology]

    A. Laser hollow cutting screen, cut through the large laser cutting machine to get a certain pattern, and then surface treatment, vacuum plating coloring.

    B. Welding and polishing screens, forming with tubes or plates, and after surface treatment. Then welding and polishing, vacuum plating and coloring.

  3. [Color] can be divided into

    Rose gold stainless steel screen, titanium (black titanium) stainless steel screen, brown stainless steel grate, bronze stainless steel screen, blue bronze stainless steel screen and other colors of stainless steel screen, etc.

  4. [Coloring process] can be divided into

    A. plated titanium stainless steel screen

    B. Water-plated(Chemical) copper stainless steel screen

    C. Fluorocarbon paint stainless steel screen

    D. Painted stainless steel screen, etc.

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