Metal decorative partition-precautions for metal partition installation

- Jul 20, 2020-

1. Observe the construction environment to survey the construction environment until now. The main purpose of the survey and construction environment is to determine that the site does not have the installation conditions, record the position of the beams and pillars on the roof, the location of the air conditioning piping system, etc. to customize the final construction plan. . The most suitable time for construction is before the site has been renovated.

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2 Measurement, positioning According to the construction drawing, release the position control line of the movable partition on the indoor ground, and lead the position line of the partition wall to the side wall and the roof. When the thread is springed, the installation position line of the fixing member should be ejected. The installation height of the track must be discussed with the construction team installing the ceiling, otherwise it will cause great trouble.

3. Installation of steel structure and track fixtures Steel structure is the load-bearing structure connecting the roof and the track. The steel structure is related to the safety of the entire movable partition system, so it must not be taken lightly. According to the construction drawings, pull and burst the screws on the roof of the building, and then fix the angle iron by welding. Select track fixings according to design requirements. Before installing the track, the closing method of the wall, the ground, and the ceiling must be considered and the installation of the movable partition wall is facilitated. By calculating the weight of the movable partition wall, the load on the track, the specifications of the embedded parts, and the fixing method are determined. The embedded parts of the track should be firmly installed, and the track and the main structure should be firmly fixed, and all metal parts should be rust-proofed.

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4. Mounting rails Suspended rails: The fixed way of the suspension guide is to install pulleys on the top surface of the partition fan and connect them with the upper suspended rails. The track and pulley should be selected according to the weight of the bearing. For light movable partition walls, the track is fixed on the wooden frame or steel frame along the top with wooden screws or twisted screws. Heavy movable partition wall, the track is fixed on the steel frame with twisting screws or welding. Supported track: The fixed way of the support guide is that the pulley is at the lower part of the partition and forms the lower support point with the ground track. The track is fixed with expansion bolts or embedded parts of the track, and the guide rail is installed on the top wooden frame.

5. Finishing Finishing according to design requirements. Generally, soft bags, cold-mounted solid wood boards, veneer panels, glass inlays, etc. are used. After finishing the finish, only paint finish or trim. The decorative decoration construction shall be carried out in accordance with the corresponding secondary standards.

6. Commissioning After installing the movable panel, the panel height, tightness and other details should be debugged. After commissioning, clean the site and complete the installation work.

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