Metal sculpture material and modeling features

- May 18, 2020-

Metal materials have their own characteristics. In the creation of sculptures, with the conversion of expression, even the same material will have multiple personalities. It will provide us with one or other possibilities and even make us careless.

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From the perspective of modeling, the form of metal materials can be varied, but its characteristics are unchanged, but the ideas, concepts, and even the aesthetic taste that it carries vary depending on the work or the author. After modern art, artists have made deeper excavations and attempts on the readability of materials and the plasticity of materials themselves, trying to make the meaning of their expression broader and deeper, and their forms more abundant and novel.

Metal sculptures have their own gloss effects due to different materials, which not only enriches the appearance of the sculpture, but also makes the material itself more readable. The polished cast copper surface is smooth and delicate, with a quick response to light, and the mottled colors and light spots reflect each other to produce a strong visual impact. Wax, varnish, etc. are sealed, otherwise, the surface is not easy to produce light, and it is easy to rust and dark gray; stainless steel-this is the most reflective of metal materials, stainless steel forged and stainless The cast sculptures can be polished or matte. The polished stainless steel reflects the surrounding scenery like a mirror. The concave or unpolished parts are matte and silver gray.

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Sculptures made of metal materials can obtain special visual effects through high-tech means. For example, if the stainless steel plate is highly polished, the modeling surface will produce the image (distorted image) or "mirage" illusion, eliminating the dullness caused by the large area, large arc, and large volume. Modern high technology provides a variety of modeling options and surface treatment methods for metal sculpture creation. The giant stainless steel sculpture "Cosmic Space" created by Japanese sculptor Toyota Feng was polished by high-tech means, and the large arc-like mirror surface reflected completely different images due to different viewing times, angles, and distances. Chinese conceptual artists look forward to copying various stones with highly polished stainless steel and placing metal stones in places that should not be placed. This form completely breaks the traditional visual concept.