Outdoor stainless steel decoration what needs to pay attention to

- Nov 06, 2020-

The exterior stainless steel decorative board has a golden mirror exterior light, which has a distinct foiling-off effect on the goods. The unique decorative design is used to show the high quality artistic visual effect, create the atmosphere of the store, and let customers enjoy the affinity effect in a good warm environment of the store.

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The main purpose of colored stainless steel titanium gold mirror plate decoration store is to highlight the characteristics of goods, is the willingness of customers to buy goods, with unique decorative techniques, catch up with the trend of The Times, foil to publicize the characteristics of the store, so that the popularity of the store flourishing.At present, another area where a large number of stainless steel elevator decorative plates are used is the decoration industry. Many large shopping malls and hotels choose stainless steel stair handrails, stainless steel envelops, stainless steel elevator doors and interior walls of couches, etc.

Outdoor stainless steel decoration elevator bridge car decoration.The four walls of the bridge car inside the elevator should not be decorated with the whole piece of colored stainless steel mirror plate as far as possible. Although the mirror plate is used as a mirror, it gives people a clear and transparent feeling.In fact, when we walked into the elevator, it was full of images of ourselves, which made us feel quite confused.In fact, the rear wall of the bridge car is mounted on a stainless steel mirror plate can be, or a few other sides of the bridge car wall with a small mirror plate decoration, more artistic beauty.

Do not assemble spotlights in the stainless steel decorative car outside.Because the reflection rate of stainless steel material is bigger, especially the mirror face plate, it is easy to make a person look dazzling in the light of the shooting lamp.Might as well the stainless steel that can use warm color to fasten wiredrawing board, etch board to wait, cooperate the yakelic lamp with downy light, appear can warm a lot of, also won't form light pollution in narrow space.

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Adornment gimmick also from simple polishing, develop to mirror surface polishing, embossing.Due to the excellent corrosion resistance inherent in the stainless steel elevator decorative plate, it is often not used for any coating, direct use of its bare metal.In this way, we only see its true colors -- silver and white, which sometimes makes people feel a little monotonous.Then, stainless steel elevator decorative board came into being.At present, gold special stainless steel elevator decorative plate can be plated with titanium gold, champagne gold, light bronze, Japanese gold, zirconium gold, rose gold, rose red, bronze, bronze, grey black, gun black, purple gold, dark brown, sapphire blue, brown, bright color, stainless steel color, coffee, purple, violet, grass green and so on.