Purchase tips for metal screen partitions

- Jun 24, 2020-

The selection skills of metal screen partitions, metal screen partitions should be relatively common in our home life, so how much do you know about its purchase knowledge? This article will introduce you to this topic so that you can choose There is a reference when buying.

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Step forward: Look at the pulleys and rails. The tight combination of the pulley and the slide rail determines the stability of the sliding of the partition door, so when selecting the pulley, the sliding door is shaken in the vertical direction of the pulley. The smaller the degree of shaking, the better the stability. When shaking, pay attention to observe the upper pulley and upper rail. If the sliding door is of good quality, the gap between it is almost zero. In this way, there will be no vibration feeling when sliding, and it is smooth and smooth.

   The second step: look at the material of the stop device. The stop block of the metal screen partition is an important anti-slip device, so its material is very important. The stop block is generally made of steel, but the durability of the steel is better, and the steel is not good. After a long time of collision, it will shift, so that the moving door cannot be stopped in place. Because the metal screen is easily deformed after a long period of'work', the stop block made of copper is resistant to corrosion and can remain stable for a long time. Therefore, you can try to choose this type of material.

【What are the metal screen partitions】

   There are several types of metal screen partitions that are more popular on the market at present, such as iron, steel plate and stainless steel. The processing of these metal screen materials, such as grooving and bending, requires relatively high technology, and the price of the corresponding entire partition will increase. Other materials, such as simple partitions made of gypsum board and wood, cost only a few hundred yuan, while large-area partitions made of high-end materials such as glass bricks and stone may cost thousands of yuan.

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  Moisture-proof and anti-corrosion: The metal screen partition can fully adapt to the humid environment, and has a strong ability of moisture-proof and anti-corrosion. The metal screen partition can not only decorate the space, but also strong and durable. It also has strong anti-corrosion and moisture resistance capabilities. Even in a hot and humid environment, the metal screen partition will still not be adversely affected.

   Sound insulation and heat insulation: Another feature of the metal screen partition is that it can make full use of the space and rationally divide the area in the space. At the same time, the metal screen partition also has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation and fire prevention, and is very durable. Compared with other partition materials, metal screen partitions are more durable, have a longer service life, and are easier to clean up. Its safety and stability and side impact resistance are stronger than other materials.