Restaurant screen purchase tips

- Dec 07, 2019-

People who often eat in restaurants know that restaurants with and without restaurant screens are very different. The restaurant screen provides a lot of convenience for our diet. In the current interior decoration, everyone likes to install design partitions in their homes, because with the partition in our home, our interior decoration will look more beautiful. How can we select the suitable screen for our restaurant? 


Restaurant screen purchase tips

1. Restaurant screen color

As for the color of the screen in the entrance restaurant, many owners prefer the traditional white. In fact, traditional white partition curtains are more suitable for traditional decoration or simple Z-style decoration. For families with relatively bright wall colors or relatively complicated decoration styles, the use of white screen curtains often lacks decoration and layering. It is recommended to use partition curtains that are compatible with the interior style. Now more popular is the small fresh partition curtain, which can be well matched with the style of the room.

2. Restaurant screen fancy

Today's door-to-door restaurant screens have made great breakthroughs in fancy, with both relatively traditional striped patterns and magnificent large flower patterns. Therefore, when choosing partition curtains, everyone should follow the decoration style of their home Use more suitable patterns and colors. This point, for owners who have no purchasing experience, may wish to communicate with the designer in order to purchase a more suitable partition curtain.

3. Restaurant screen style

There are also many styles of partition curtains, small and fresh, European style, rural style. There are many Korean styles and so on. How should we choose the style? This depends on where the partition curtain is used. If it is a bedroom, it is best to match the theme style of the bedroom. Choose a gentle soft color. Don't choose cold, hard tones.

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