Stainless steel decoration engineering production process

- Jan 23, 2020-

Stainless steel decoration engineering production process. Now tell you about the specific process:

1. Design drawings: We will always communicate with customers when designing stainless steel screen CAD.

2. Confirm the order: The customer confirms the drawing, price, production time and detailed production process, and arranges the order to be successful.

stainless steel screen 8

3. Arrange production: There are many people in the factory, and we must make reasonable plans and arrangements for the work progress and workflow of each job.

4. Follow-up production: While producing stainless steel screens, we will have a special follow-up staff responsible for the progress of each product, and we will let customers know the progress of the product being made as soon as possible.

5. Quality inspection report: After the production and processing are completed, we will have quality inspection personnel to inspect or assemble the product. We will guarantee the quality of the products and carry out the production and processing according to customer requirements.

6. Product packaging: We will pack stainless steel screens in wooden cases or package products according to customer requirements.

7. Delivery installation: We will find the best shipping method to fully reach customers.

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