Stainless steel plate wall decoration is high-end

- Jul 23, 2020-

At present, the domestic metal stainless steel wall decoration processing is the most popular, and the stainless steel plate decoration wall method is better than simple wall panels and shows the grade. The new concept and advanced craftsmanship of stainless steel as the background wall effect not only meet the needs of people's favorite decoration, but also reflect the artistic temperament, making stainless steel wall decoration a perfect combination of business and art.

  1. The general structure of the stainless steel wall construction process is the following major points: grassroots treatment → elastic line → embedded iron parts → installation of vertical keel → inlaid with horizontal keel → anti-embroidery treatment → concealed acceptance → stainless steel panel → installation of stainless steel panel → Adjustment→Sealing of plate seam→Cleaning.

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  2. There are many ways to choose from: install the stainless steel plate on the wall. There are many ways to choose according to the process requirements, installation purpose and construction cost requirements. The most commonly used ones are directly fixed with expansion bolts, and use an impact drill to directly drill holes on the wall to fix the stainless steel plate; you can also use special glue for the wall to paste and fix with special glue; you can also do the basic treatment, install the frame, and then Install the stainless steel plate, this method should be more appropriate.

  3. Do the wall treatment before installation: Before installation, the wall and the inside of the wall in the installation area should be treated. The water and electricity pipelines in the wall should be installed according to the plan, and the relevant pressure pipes have been tested and comply with the plan. Requirements: The wall surface has been leveled, and the wall surface should be dry and have corresponding construction conditions.

  4. Prepare the marking line: According to the specific construction plan and requirements, according to the height and width of the floor, the elevation of the wall is processed, and the height is measured with a box ruler and marked on the wall. This is what the construction said " The “bounce line” construction step should be very carefully marked and clearly marked. This step determines whether the stainless steel plate is installed smoothly and whether the gap between the plates is appropriate, which has an important impact on the quality of the entire construction.

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