Stainless steel plate wall decoration is high-end(2)

- Jul 27, 2020-

At present, the domestic metal stainless steel wall decoration processing is the most popular, and the stainless steel plate decoration wall method is better than simple wall panels and shows the grade. The new concept and advanced craftsmanship of stainless steel as the background wall effect not only meet the needs of people's favorite decoration, but also reflect the artistic temperament, making stainless steel wall decoration a perfect combination of business and art.

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5. Installation of the keel: After the marking is done, the installation of the keel will begin. Here is a brief introduction to what a keel is. A keel is a building material used to support the wall shape and fixed structure. It is a very common skeleton used in decoration. The installation of the keel should follow the general order, starting from the large keel, small keel, and layering of the boom. During the construction, attention must be paid to the accurate installation according to the marking line. The joints should be fixed firmly with bolts and threads. Easy to install stainless steel plate.

6. Do a good job of anti-rust treatment: generally choose metal material for the keel material, place it on the wall, and buckle the panel on it, which will be oxidized and rusted for a long time, which will affect the safety of the material. Therefore, after installation, rust removal should be carried out. The key point is that the surface of the welding place, such as the connection point, the fixed point, etc., should be painted with anti-rust paint before the next step, and the relevant treatment should be done.

7. Installation of stainless steel plates: Before installing stainless steel plates, the preliminary construction must be checked and accepted to ensure that the construction process is qualified, because after the stainless steel plates are installed, the preliminary construction is blocked, and it is inconvenient to check and accept again. After the acceptance is completed, the installation of the stainless steel plate will start. If it is a whole steel plate, install it directly and seal it with a bead; if it is a multi-plate steel plate, one needs to be installed. Make a bead seal and make sure to seal it along the keel. The line is installed straight.

8. Relevant precautions: During the installation process, please pay attention to the construction in strict accordance with the operating specifications, handle with care during installation, avoid deformation and damage of related parts, and do not contact with other hard objects to avoid damage to the stainless steel surface, stainless steel plate and keel card The buckle is firm, and the corresponding treatments such as moisture-proof, heat-insulation, and rust-proof are done.

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9 Use stainless steel plus wall panels to decorate the wall. Stainless steel U-shaped decorative lines are available in a variety of colors, suitable for covering wall panels, door frames, door covers, window covers, and they are very high-grade after installation. Install stainless steel decorative strips on the wall panels.