Stainless steel screen welding process spot welding and full welding difference

- Sep 20, 2019-

The stainless steel screen is spliced by several units by welding. The lap joints are welded by argon arc welding, so that each unit is firmly connected together, then polished, polished or brushed. The color plating process has become the finished stainless steel screen we usually see.

First, different welding work is compared:

A. Most of the stainless steel screens are made of pipes, plates and flat steel. The screens made of pipes and flat steel will have a lot of welding process, and the stainless steel screen welding process will be less. However, in terms of cost, the hollow screen may not be cheaper than the screen made by the tube.

B, welding method: a little welding and full welding welding method; spot welding (that is, fillet welding) welding workload is relatively small, full welding (full welding) work is relatively large, so the full welding screen will be better than spot welding The screen cost will be higher than the labor cost.

Second, stainless steel screen is a good welding process, or a spot welding process?

The full soldering process is also the seamless soldering we usually say. After soldering, it needs to be polished, brushed or polished. After the finished product, the gap of soldering is not seen.

The spot welding process, that is, the fillet welding process, is spot welding on the male and female corners of the intersection, and the gap of the interface can be seen from the front of the screen. The size of the gap is very much related to the cutting master and the welding master. The gap between the master and the master's welder is very small. Of course, the smaller the gap, the better. The spot welding structure of the spot welding is as strong as the solder joint has remelted the original stainless steel material together and becomes a new structure, so it is firm.

Whether it is the screen of the spot welding process or the stainless steel screen of the full welding process, under the premise of supporting only its own weight, their solid effect is the same, and there is no problem that the screen structure of the spot welding is not firm. As for how to choose the way to solder, it depends on the user's request.

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