The advantages of restaurant metal screens

- Dec 06, 2019-

People who often eat in restaurants know that restaurants with and without restaurant screens are very different. The restaurant screen provides a lot of convenience for our diet. In the current interior decoration, everyone likes to install design partitions in their homes, because with the partition in the home, our interior decoration will look more beautiful, our life will be more convenient, and the entrance restaurant partition is also a kind of interior decoration. The following is the decoration of the home network editor to take everyone to understand the advantages of the restaurant screen and purchasing skills

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What are the advantages of restaurant screens?

  1. Partition space: Adding a folding screen to the restaurant in the open house decoration can avoid being embarrassed by being seen at a glance. The folding screen of the restaurant in the office is mainly to distinguish each department clearly, so that each employee has an independent office environment. The second is to coordinate the space. When we finished the house, we felt that the living room was too wide and did not fit the whole decoration. Buying a folding screen of the restaurant with the same decoration style as ours can slightly cut off people's vision.

  2. Easy to move: The folding screen of the restaurant is a foldable movable partition composed of multiple partition fans. The biggest feature of the foldable screen is that it can be folded into a storage room when not in use. Restaurant folding screens are generally narrow and style.

  3. Elegant style: The solid wood folding screen of the restaurant is basically Chinese style, with its simple and elegant style. This type of screen is mainly used in Chinese-style decorated rooms, high-end office spaces, Chinese tea houses, restaurants, restaurants, leisure and entertainment centers, clubs, and so on. The solid wood foldable screen is matched with Chinese elements such as Chinese style flower windows and mahogany furniture to create a noble, antique and rich ethnic style.

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Function of restaurant screen

  1. The restaurant screen plays the role of blocking the restaurant. It can be placed not only at the entrance, but also at an appropriate position in the room, dividing the room into two separate spaces, so that the people in the hotel can not interfere with each other and each has a peaceful atmosphere, while at the same time Its placement can also serve as a shelter. For places where scattered debris is piled up in the home, the screen can play a role of shame. If the screen is used for partitions, it is generally a closed screen, and the height should not be lower than the line of sight; if the screen is used for a book corner, a hollow screen can be used, which can be lively and viable.

  2. The restaurant screen plays a role in beautifying the hotel. With a pot of green leaf ornamental plants in front of the screen side, you can feel the tranquility and warmth of the hotel. For decoration and landscaping, you can choose a transparent or translucent screen, which will give you a sense of elegance and tranquility.

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