The characteristics of KTV stainless steel screen

- May 13, 2020-

The characteristics of KTV stainless steel screen

1. Built-in structure and reuse of stainless steel screen: all the connection and fixing are completed inside the product, and can be disassembled and reused. Wire laying can be carried out inside the frame. There is no need to bury the wall in advance, the maintenance and replacement of the wires are more convenient, and the strong and weak electricity are separated.

KTV stainless steel sheet application 3

2. Sound insulation and fire prevention: Built-in sealant strips play the role of sound insulation and dust prevention. The screen system is composed of metal structure, and the stainless steel screen has the effects of fire prevention, moisture prevention and corrosion prevention. And the stainless steel screen is pollution-free and odor-free: it can be used immediately after installation.

3. The stainless steel screen supporting door and lock are sensitive in style: it can be used with framed glass door, frameless glass door and solid wood door, and can be made into single-open or double-open doors; the choice of door locks is pressure-type or other Style

KTV stainless steel sheet application 4