Tips of stainless steel hairline tube

- Apr 29, 2020-

The stainless steel decorative tubes on the market are all polished by the tube factory, and can also be called bright stainless steel tubes. However, in the process of use, because the customer wants a stainless steel tube with a matte surface, it needs to brush the bright side, which is also called a brushed tube. Here I will popularize some basic knowledge of stainless steel pipe drawing for customers.

Application 4

1. The drawing direction of stainless steel pipe can be divided into round wire and straight wire according to the direction of grain. The round tube can be drawn round or straight, but the flat tube or rectangular tube can only be drawn straight.

2. The thickness of the brushed stainless steel tube makes the brightness selectable from 80-240 mesh. The surface brightness of the stainless steel tube is generally about 400 mesh when polished, and it becomes matt after drawing. The corresponding mesh number is decreasing. The coarser the texture, the smaller the mesh number.

3. The thickness of stainless steel tube drawing has certain requirements. Drawing is caused by friction of multiple groups of impellers on the surface, so the impeller has a certain pressure on the surface of the stainless steel tube. If the thickness is thin, the stainless steel tube will be deformed into an ellipse.

Square Tube 2

4. The thickness of the stainless steel pipe drawing is slightly smaller, and the weight of the corresponding stainless steel pipe is also slightly reduced. It should be noted that the weight of the polished tube is calculated when trading the drawn tube on the market.

5. The anti-rust ability of stainless steel pipe after drawing is slightly reduced. Stainless steel pipe processing plants generally do not take responsibility for the rust of the wire drawing pipe, but it is not difficult to deal with the rust of the wire drawing pipe. Generally, it can be wiped with a wire drawing cloth.