What are the commonly used metal materials for decoration

- Jun 28, 2020-

What are the commonly used metal materials for decoration?

(1) Aluminum, aluminum alloy and its decoration products 

(2) Stainless steel construction and decoration products

(3) Light steel keel Other metals Copper and copper alloys: Pure copper is a purple-red heavy metal, also known as red copper. The alloy of copper and zinc is called brass. Its color changes from yellowish red to light yellow with the addition of zinc content. Its mechanical function is higher than that of pure copper, and its price is lower than that of pure copper. Copper and copper alloy decoration products are: copper plate, brass thin-walled tube, brass plate, copper tube, copper rod, brass tube, etc. They can be used for decoration of columns and walls, and can also be used as decoration accessories such as railings and handrails.

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