What are the differences between stainless steel T and aluminum alloy lines

- Feb 02, 2021-

Generally demand, because now family decoration, ceramic tile is mainly used for bathroom, kitchen and balcony, setting wall, the place such as interval and ceramic tile Yang horny line is mainly used for the place on the indoor side of the window sill and humanly scaled side, although can also be treated with ceramic tile touch Angle, but with Yang Angle line Angle line will be more bright, also more safety - no scratches formed by the corner is too sharp.

Of course, the present day elements use ceramic tiles to stick Yang Angle strip is still very good-looking, mainly still do not have to grind edge alone, so save money, save effort.The sun horn line on the market is also diversified, stainless steel, aluminum alloy is also each has its merits.

Low density: compared with stainless steel lines, the weight of the aluminum alloy itself is lighter than that of stainless steel.High strength: the shape of aluminum alloy comparison.Stainless steel decorative lines to diversification, modeling is more standardized.Good conductivity and heat conduction: aluminum is second only to silver, copper and gold in conductivity and heat conduction.Good corrosion resistance: the appearance of aluminum is easy to naturally produce a layer of protective film, which can well protect the substrate from corrosion.After manual anodizing and coloring, generally is not easy to rust.

Easy processing: increase certain alloy elements, aluminum alloy products not only modeling diversity, product process color can also be diversified.No discoloration occurs during cutting.Process function: on the market line material selection austenitic stainless steel process function is good, because the plastic is very good, manufacturers are selected to use this material, martensitic stainless steel due to high hardness process function is poor.High density: stainless steel line its own component is greater than the aluminum alloy line.

Function good: equal standard equal thickness stainless steel anti-collision function is better, but the shape is different from aluminum alloy can be diversified.Good looking and a variety of possibilities.Good corrosion resistance, longer lasting than ordinary steel.Resistant to high temperature oxidation and high strength, so it can resist fire.Because do not need the appearance processing, so concise, protection is brief.Clean, high brightness.