What are the precautions for the decoration of partition walls?

- Jul 30, 2020-

In home decoration design, we often use screens as a partition of space. It has a variety of styles, is flexible and convenient to use, and can effectively divide the space into two. The screen partition is different from our common screens, and it can also be called a mobile screen. Its main function is to divide the space and make the function of the space more significant. What should we pay attention to when designing the partition wall? Let us take this question to understand the related content of the partition wall!

stainless steel partition 3

1. Pay attention to the shaping of the image of the partition wall.

Although it is a screen, it is also called a screen covering because it is used like a wall. Since the partition is structurally unloaded, there are many changes in the shape and flexible use. Creative ideas can be made according to the characteristics of the space used and the preferences of residents.

2. Selection of materials.

The screen wall is a non-pure functional component, and the visual art effect of the material can be put in the first place in the design.

3. Color matching.

The partition of the screen is not only a highlight in the space, but also a part of the entire space. The color of the screen partition should be coordinated with the color of the basic part of the room, and its pattern and style should also be unified with the style of the space furniture.

stainless steel partition 2

4. Pay attention to lighting issues.

When designing, we need to comprehensively consider the lighting of the living room, and also clarify the lighting requirements of the partition space. It should be known that daylighting is very important for a space partition, and a good space partition has strong requirements for the light source. If the screen partition wall covers most of the light sources, it will affect the normal use of the separated space and become a space stumbling block. We need to add additional auxiliary light sources to ensure the normal use of the separated space.

5. The strength of the material.

As the screen partition of the room partition, attention should be paid to its material and installation quality. The wall of the screen stands in the living room. If the installation is not firm or the material is poor, it is easy to tilt and collapse, and there are certain safety problems.

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