What are the precautions when buying stainless steel screens

- Mar 02, 2020-

When buying a stainless steel screen, what do you need to pay attention to?

Here are two important points for your reference, you can take good care about them. 

1. The grade of raw materials used

Different types of stainless steel profiles differ in physical strength, degree of oxidation resistance, and rust resistance, and stainless steel screen materials of the same type also have differences. This can be clearly seen in the price of materials. KBE metal decoration Co., ltd has always used the plate materials of the first-tier manufacturers, and the natural quality of the stainless steel screens is guaranteed.

stainless steel partition 2.3

2.High-quality professional processing

A good stainless steel screen, in addition to the selection of a good base material, also requires skilled operators to control the processing quality. The machining process must be fine, to minimize defects, the decorative pattern is smooth, and the angle of placement is controlled by positive and negative. There is no crack at the splicing position. The interface must be sealed. After processing, check whether the seam is broken for physical reasons. Atmospheric pressure and external force will not fall off due to non-human factors.

The above two points of work are in place. I believe that everyone will know what to buy when purchasing stainless steel screens.

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