what is the role of metal partitions

- Jul 16, 2020-

Metal partitions are also a way of partitioning. Metal partitions are often used in toilets and other places to divide the space and ensure their own space. But many people don't know much about metal partitions. Do you know what are the effects of metal partitions? Next, the editor will introduce you to the role and precautions of metal partitions.

Metal decorative partitions-what is the role of metal partitions

The metal partition refers to the facade specially used to separate the indoor space. The application is more flexible and mainly serves as a shield. It is generally not under the board, and some can even move. The biggest difference between him and the partition wall is that the partition wall is made under the board, that is, the height of the facade is different. In the traditional sense, the so-called partition refers to the half-section that is less than the top, which specifically divides the indoor space. In today's decoration process, many physical partitions are served by furniture, such as screens, display shelves, and wine cabinets. It can break the inherent pattern, distinguish the spaces of different natures, and make the living room environment full of changes, realize the mutual communication between the spaces, and provide the living room with a larger space for the fusion of art and taste.

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