What to consider when designing stainless steel screens

- Mar 05, 2020-

What to consider when designing stainless steel screens

1. Safety: The focus of the design of stainless steel screens is safety and beauty. In addition to the shape of stainless steel screens, you can choose a variety of colors. These things need to be understood before designing. Only you understand the manufacturing process of stainless steel screens. Only to ensure that the stainless steel screen is more artistic and safer.

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2. Function: The basic function of the stainless steel screen is that it can be used to divide the space, and because of its hollowed out nature, this continuous effect is very useful for partitions that do not need to keep private space. Especially in many small-sized houses now, the living room and dining room are together. With a stainless steel screen, it can be cut off, and it will not block the sunlight, ensuring sufficient sunlight on both sides.

3. Style: The style of stainless steel screen design is changeable, mainly European, Chinese and retro. Different styles can be matched with different interior decoration. As mentioned above, the colors of stainless steel screens are numerous. We can design the screen style with colors and styles according to the design style of the stainless steel screen installation environment. In this way, we can ensure the unity of the overall style and not give people a sudden feeling. This is also the advantage of customization.

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4. Placement: When designing the placement of stainless steel screens, in addition to taking into account the overall actual use, you must also consider the issue of feng shui. Everyone knows that the screen was one of the important furniture in ancient China. In the past, many families would place screens at home. The main reason is that if the stainless steel screen is placed in a reasonable position, the air field of the room can be adjusted to block the brake air. Similarly, let's take an example. The door of someone's room is directly facing the balcony. In fact, this is very bad. It will cause the gas in the house to be sucked directly by the outside door. The gas here includes wealth, luck, and so on.

The above contents are some issues that stainless steel screen designers need to consider. This is a problem that every stainless steel screen designer must understand. Only taking into account every detail can ensure that the stainless steel screen can be used to its own advantages after the installation and installation are completed. Of course, in addition to the design, stainless steel screens need to be paid attention to when they are made, especially some titanium-plated and bronze-made screens. If the color is not processed well, it will cause color differences and yin and yang. It looks very ugly. No matter how good the design is, it can't be produced in vain. Therefore, when designing stainless steel screens, we must also consider whether the actual processing can be completed.