Application Of Stainless Steel Decorative Plates

- Mar 21, 2019-

In commonly used primary stainless steel, Auschwitz stainless steel is the most suitable coloring material, can get a satisfactory color appearance. Ferrite stainless steel is less bright than the former because it increases the possibility of corrosion in the coloring solution. Low chromium high carbon mastodon stainless steel, due to its corrosion resistance is worse, can only get gray color or black surface. It is reported that The Auschwitz stainless steel was exposed in the industrial atmosphere for 6 years after the use of low-temperature surface oxidation treatment coloring method, exposed in the oceanic atmosphere for 1 and a half years, soaked in boiling water for 28 days, or heated to about 300 degrees C, its color gloss is unchanged. In addition, it can also withstand general molding, extension and bending processing, as well as processing hardening. In addition to building exterior walls and window frame decoration, colored stainless steel can be used in many other fields.

For example, the use of black stainless steel panels can be used to make solar heat panels, the choice of heat absorption rate of up to 91% to 93%. In the arts and crafts world, the combination of color stainless steel and printing, can be used etching and grinding and dot method of the process, to produce never fade three-dimensional relief murals, hanging screens and so on. In addition, the use of colored stainless steel to manufacture household appliances, cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, toilet appliances, will be loved by consumers. Stainless steel decorative plate is a very good decorative material, with it decorated to show the quality of glory and expensive, Guangzhou Commercial Bank office building overall decoration project, Binzhou Transportation Bureau high-grade glass staircase guardrail, Shandong Province stadium stainless steel glass door, Fujian Province Anying financial stair guardrail project, Jindli chain store front project, provincial hospital part of the stainless steel project , industrial South Road advertising station signs, Yinyin Hospital stainless steel cabinets and so on.