Back For Work Now

- Mar 01, 2020-

Due to the Corona virus pread in China previously, our company delay the production.

Since China government take good actions on fighting with the corona virus, many doctors fighting for that. Now China is almost controled of this virus. 

Now, the people who from other countries back to China, also bring the virus back. That would be very not good.

We have take more attentions on the virus. Now less and less people be infected, and more and more people getting well.All the stainless steel products orders on progress. 

Our company will start production on Martch 1st, 2020, all workers are back to work. 

  1. All workers need to wear the masks. 

  2. Worker having lunch, need to keep at least 1 meter distance;

  3. Need to wash hands often

  4. When off work, need to back home at once, no any partys

IMG_20190809_111527_928      IMG_20190809_111527_929