How Is The Color Of The Stainless Steel Color Plate Plated?

- Nov 15, 2019-

Everyone saw a splendid hotel, as well as some luxury villas, hotels and other metal decorations with different colors. Very beautiful and upscale. So how is the color of such stainless steel decoration colored?

The color stainless steel plate uses vacuum coating technology to uniformly cover titanium or chrome metal on the surface of the stainless steel plate and produce different colors. Vacuum coating technology, the principle is to use low voltage, high current arc discharge technology under vacuum conditions. The gas is used to evaporate the target and ionize the evaporated material, and the evaporated substance or its reaction product is deposited on the surface of the plate under the action of the electric field.

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Stainless steel products coated with colored PVD film should pay attention to the following items:

  1. Although the vacuum-plated PVD film has a certain degree of corrosion resistance, it is difficult to resist the contact with strong corrosive substances such as acid and alkali. Therefore, during normal maintenance, try not to use a strong acid or alkali or decontamination cleaning agent, such as toilet essence, paint remover, metal cleaning agent, etc., you can use industrial alcohol with a soft cotton cloth gently wipe, if the surface has Dirt should also be treated with a weak acid weak base solvent. In addition, if exposed to harsh environments for a long time, or prolonged contact with corrosive liquids, PVD film layer is also prone to falling off problems, such as swimming pools (fluorine), sea water (more salt), high temperature and high humidity (steam) In the environment.

  2. The use of anti-fingerprint varnish. More and more customers choose to apply a transparent anti-fingerprint oil on the stainless steel products coated with colored PVD film. The effect is very obvious. The hand touch is free of fingerprints, easy to clean, and can also increase wear resistance and resistance. The function of corrosion is more than one thing. However, the disadvantage is that the color of the fuel injection and the non-injection oil are inconsistent, and the processing requirements are high, the cost is not low, the metal texture of the product is affected, and there are problems such as aging. Therefore, we must carefully consider before use.

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  3. Subsequent processing issues. Since the PVD film layer has a very good bonding force with the substrate, it is not easy to fall off, and the product can be subjected to subsequent simple mechanical processing such as cutting, folding, bending and cutting. However, the influence of welding on the PVD film layer is very large, and the instantaneous high temperature will cause the film layer to fall off and discolor. Therefore, the stainless steel products to be welded should be painted, preferably after the components are finished and then painted, and PVD cannot be plated. The material of the film is processed to make a product. The soldering iron left by the colored products is difficult to handle. The process of making the finished product should be welded into the components first, then polished, the soldering is removed, and finally the color is applied.

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