How To Fix The Metal Screen Firmly

- Mar 12, 2020-

In recent years, stainless steel screen decorates respect to use more in the home or a few other places more, a lot of people also can ask, metal is weight is bigger, how can ability do more firmly when undertaking fix?How to fix the metal screen more firmly, there are very professional ways to fix it, to ensure the use of safe and good effect after installation.

Stainless steel screen partition fixed need to pay attention to the details, mainly is the top and bottom of the fixed, the fixed way of the partition screen and fixed partition screen is also different, we understand together.

stainless steel partition 18

1. If it is to be fixed on the marble, it is necessary to prepare a glass drill bit and be very careful when drilling holes to avoid cracking the marble.When formal installation can use level or according to the elastic line fixed screen position, and then through the ruler to determine the position to fix the hole, after the hole is finished on the partition screen fastener, installation can be completed.When fixing, can also be through glass glue to increase the firmness of the fixed.

2, we are in the stainless steel partition screen fixed, because the height of the screen is six meters, directly from the first floor to the ceiling of the second floor, and the ceiling is made of aluminum decorative plate, in the fixed time through the glass glue, expansion bolts, buckle, steel wire completed the installation of the entire product.After a series of tests, the business from production to installation was completed.Discover a lot of people are asking stainless steel screen installation dozen glue is firm, what the glue should point to here is glass glue, although this kind of cementation is firm and durable, but for large screen installation still cannot guarantee fixed firm.So it is not recommended to use only glass glue for fixing.

stainless steel partition 32

3, the installation of toughened glass stainless steel screen partition can be fixed with metal clips from the upper and lower ends or from the side of the wall.It can also be fixed with glass glue, but only if the glass is placed in a groove.Actually, glass makes partition is done commonly by woodworking make a seat, about 100 high, this must add groove above and below.

4, the seat and the ground are fixed, there is the groove that suits vitreous thickness between the seat, make a frame with fine board, all round border wants beauty with stainless steel, when putting glass, add vitreous glue very firm.But must pay attention to up and down groove firm degree, must not be careless, otherwise the consequence is serious.The top end of the glass partition is the same.This method is relatively simple.

Visible stainless steel screen serves as a kind of in contacting screen, when carrying on installation, no matter how big size, clinking should ensure installation firm different manufacturer, the method that wants to use when specific installation may have certain difference.