International Hotel Stainless Steel Decoration - What Needs To Pay Attention

- Nov 13, 2019-

The international hotel stainless steel decoration has a golden mirror surface, which has a clear contrast effect on the products. The unique decorative design is used to display high-quality artistic visual effects, create an in-store atmosphere, and let customers enjoy in a good in-store environment. Affinity effect.

The main purpose of the color stainless steel titanium gold mirror panel decoration store is to highlight the product characteristics. It is the customer's willingness to purchase the goods. With unique decoration techniques, it catches up with the trend of the times and sets off the characteristics of the store to make the store's popularity popular. Another area that is increasingly using stainless steel elevator trim panels is the decoration industry. Many large shopping malls and hotels use stainless steel stair railings, stainless steel pillars, stainless steel elevator doors and car interior walls, and so on. It feels clear and translucent. Actually, it is all our own images after we walk into the elevator. It feels messy. In fact, it is ok to install a stainless steel mirror panel on the back wall of the bridge, or the other side of the bridge wall is decorated with small mirror panels, which is more artistic and beautiful.

hotel metal decoration 1

Do not install spotlights in the international hotel stainless steel decorative compartment. Because the reflective rate of stainless steel material is relatively large, especially the mirror panel, it is easy to make people look at the light when the spotlight shines. It is possible to use warm-colored stainless steel wire drawing plates, etched plates, etc., in combination with soft acrylic lamps, it will be much warmer and will not form light pollution in a small space.

International hotel stainless steel decoration techniques have also evolved from simple polishing to mirror polishing and embossing. Due to the excellent corrosion resistance inherent in stainless steel elevator trim panels, it is often not used for any coating during use, and its bare metal is used directly. In this way, we only see its true color - silver white color, sometimes it makes people feel a bit monotonous. As a result, stainless steel elevator decorative panels came into being. At present, Jinfeifan stainless steel elevator decorative plate can be plated in titanium gold, champagne gold, light bronze, Japanese gold, zirconium gold, rose gold, rose red, bronze, red copper, gray black, gun black, purple gold, dark brown, gemstone Blue, brown, colorful, stainless steel, brown, purple, violet, grass green, etc.

The effect of the primary color stainless steel mirror panel on the elevator hall door is monotonous. When everyone is waiting for the elevator, standing in front of a large white mirror, the relative view, how many scenes will be! The usual practice is to etch the pattern on the mirror panel to increase the delicate appearance of the elevator hall door. Or there is no such thing as decorating the elevator with colored stainless steel brushed panels.

hotel metal decoration 4

Pay attention to the weight of the decoration. Many of the interior floors of elevators are like natural marble decoration, which seems to be very high-end. However, because the weight of the marble is not white, increasing the load on the elevator will definitely reduce the occupants. The utility model can also replace the utility color stainless steel embossing plate, not only can reduce the weight, but also has a thickness of only a few centimeters, the flower color pattern can be produced and processed according to the needs, and the replacement is convenient, and the thickness of the decoration and decoration of the elevator factory is not required.