- Aug 07, 2019-

Many customers want to know more knowledge about the golden color stainless steel pipe and the PVD coating techology, and ask us about those questions. Here are the answers as below: 


1. Can you tell more about technological process you use for coating? 

----We use PVD color coating technology to coating the golden color on the pipes. Techonological process like this: Vacuum arc discharge technology is used in vacuum chamber to generate arc light on the surface of cathode material, which evaporates the cathode material and forms atoms and ions. Under the action of electric field, atoms and ion beams bombard the surface of the workpiece as an anode at high speed. At the same time, the reactive gas is injected into the vacuum chamber to form a coating with excellent properties on the surface of the workpiece, then the Titanium color will be coating on the surface of the pipes. 

2. What material is the golden coating?

-----They are Titanium be coating on the surface of the pipes. 

3. How resistant it is to water, sun or scratches?
----Because of using this kind of PVD coating advance technology, the Titanium color can resistant in above 5 years. But if you use knift or hard things to scratches to hard on it, the color will be scratched out. (Sun and water can not hurt it, but the chemical index, or Chemicals, corrsion, acide rain on it will hurt the pipes). 

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