Stainless Steel 3D Sheet Finished Goods And Package In Factory

- Oct 15, 2019-

Stainless Steel 3D sheet finished goods and package in factory

Stainless steel 3D sheets, which are embossed with special pattern, very suitable for the KTV, hotel, public areas decoration.

Usually, for those stainless steel 3D sheets, the specification as follows:

Grade: 201/304 stainless steel

Size: 1219*2438 mm, 1219*3048 mm

Thickness: 0.5~1.0 mm

Color: gold, rose gold, black, blue, etc

Pattern: have many existing designs, or can custom

Package: with wooden case

3D sheet application 1

Here are some customers ordered stainless steel 3D sheets finished photos for you to review. All those stainless steel 3D sheet finished embossed the pattern, will protect with the “KBE” film. Then packed with the strong wooden case to avoid any damage during the delivery.

3D stainless steel sheet 26        double color sheet 6

Here also of the wooden package for you to review.

For this kind of package, have the Anti-water paper to cover the stainless steel sheets. Then put into the wooden case. Then use the steel to pack each angle of the sheets. Finally use the steel to pack the whole case. With the strong package, then our goods can be safely to deliver to our customers’ hands.

stainless steel package