Stainless Steel Prices Have Risen, But Orders Are Full

- Mar 03, 2021-

Due to raw material price rising up, our stainless steel products's price also have risen.But our company orders are full.

Since we resumed back to work, in our market the raw material of metal price rising up. Due to this reason, all the stainless steel products' price have risen accordingly. We have explain to all our customers of this situation at once.

There is news that the raw material price will keep rising these days. In order to keep the stainless steel products price, many customers order at once before price higher more.

At the end, KBE Metal Decoration Co.,Ltd orders are full, and we all busy on the production since the starting of work.

Hope in the 2021 whole year, we can keep busy, and provide more and more good quality products for all our customers.

stainless steel etching sheet 2 stainless steel divider 25