Stainless Steel Stair Railing Manufacturing Methods

- Nov 19, 2019-

When we buy a house, many people choose to buy a villa, a duplex building or a leap. In this type of house, there is usually a design for the stairs, but there are many materials for the stairs, including stainless steel. Is that kind of, then what is the method of making stainless steel stair railings? How about the stainless steel stairs? Let me introduce it to you!

stainless steel handrail 2

First, stainless steel stair railing production method

  1. The production requirements of stainless steel stair railings are based on the practice of stair model planning. The primary selection of data types and types of types are usually applied to stair railings. 201 or 304 is usually used. The thickness of each type of pipe is based on its own practical needs. First, do a good job of selecting materials, and then we plan the height.

  2. The height of the stairs at the balcony, the veranda, etc. should exceed the height of the person's weight, in order to avoid falling due to the shift of the center of gravity when the human body stairs. The height of the stairway below 24m (equivalent to the height of low-rise and multi-storey buildings) shall not be less than 1.05m, and the height of the stairway exceeding 24m (equivalent to the height of high-rise and middle-rise buildings) shall not be lower than 1.10m, for high-rise buildings, there will be fear because of the high altitude, so raise it to 1.10m.

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Secondly, how about the stainless steel stairs

  1. Uses: Stainless steel stair railings are mainly used in construction projects. Households, companies, parks, plazas, shopping malls, etc. are widely used. The exterior is very modern.

  2. Description: Stainless steel stair railings are widely used in most shopping malls today. They have a good feel, a modern feel, good cleaning, and the main features are no rust and long service life.

  3. The price is moderate, the product is beautiful and generous, the corrosion resistance is strong, the shape is fashionable and elegant, the assembly is convenient, and it has strong artistic, decorative and practicality. It is the first decoration of modern home, shopping mall, hotel and so on!

  4. 3mm ~ 30mm medium-thick stainless steel flat steel polished wire drawing, stainless steel pipe industrial pipe inside and outside polishing, stainless steel round bar polishing and drawing stainless steel products polished brushed snow sand, exquisite workmanship.

  5. Stainless steel stairs are made of stainless steel. The quality of stainless steel is better than that of wood. As an environmentally friendly product, stainless steel stairs are highly resistant to dirt, acid, corrosion and abrasion, and are non-radioactive. The surface is not easy to be dusty, and it has good self-cleaning properties compared with white cement railings and coarse stone railings.

  6. The stainless steel handrail railing feels very good, smooth and smooth, and the waterproof performance is relatively strong. Usually the hanrail is dirty, just scrub it with a wet towel. And it is also durable, basically it will not be old for a dozen or twenty years. But the only downside is that when it's winter, the stainless steel handrails give people a cold feeling, and the touch is getting worse. In addition, the stainless steel handrails are relatively poorly decorated and too modern. Generally, if our home is not decorated with the style, it is easy to produce a sense of nondescript.

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