Why Choose A Stainless Steel Screen For Decoration?

- Dec 08, 2020-

Why choose a stainless steel screen for decoration?What practical effects does it have?

Stainless steel screen since ancient times in the change, both practical and decorative.The safety of metallic screen adornment is very important to consumer, but quality assures, craft is accurate, the effect is outstanding to stainless steel screen also is indispensable.After using stainless steel screen, adornment effect wants nobility apparently, nature, beautiful, elegant much, let our customer feel the exalted identity when taking the door.Let's take a look at the small knowledge of stainless steel screen.

stainless steel partition 71

One, after the surface processing of stainless steel screen it never fade color.The surface color of stainless steel products is deposited on the surface of products by physical reaction under the action of high temperature ionized inert gas and high vacuum environment.The adhesion is 100 times that of ordinary paint.Scratch-proof, indoor environment will never fade.

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Two, stainless steel screen will not change the original surface luster of stainless steel.Although the common coating process also has a lot of color, but it will cover the surface texture of the original stainless steel or glossiness, and the surface of the stainless steel screen after electroplating color treatment luster will be more obvious, showing a glittering and translucent get rid of glossiness.

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Three, no rust, no oxidation is the basic requirements of stainless steel screen, and ordinary iron products even if a long time painting will rust;Common aluminum and copper products after long-term use will also have oxidation phenomenon, aluminum will produce a small number of black spots, and copper will produce verdigris.Only stainless steel products by surface treatment after processing more durable, because the surface after processing a new layer of thick protective film, can prevent the air in the water vapor and oxygen corrosion of the surface, stainless steel screen color after plating protection effect is very good.So as not to rust or oxidation never color fade.